Lighthouses of science in Wittenberg

The WCGE presents its work and its scientific approach to the interested public during the first day of science.

Initiated and organized by the network "Science in Wittenberg", the first "Science Day" took place in Lutherstadt on January 18, 2019. The aim was to present the work of fourteen scientific institutions to the general public and to increase the visibility of Wittenberg as a science location. The Science Day started at 3 pm with a kick-off event in the Leucorea, the building of the time-honored University of Wittenberg. After words of welcome from Prof. Dr. Ernst-Joachim Waschke, board member of the Leucorea Foundation, Mayor Torsten Zugehör, and the former Prime Minister Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Böhmer emphasized the long tradition of research and teaching in Lutherstadt, which goes far beyond Martin Luther and Philipp Melanchthon. Councilor Dr. Insa Christiane Hennen, as head of the network, presented the participating institutions and their broad research spectrum. Afterwards, visitors had the opportunity to get a first overview of the institutions. For about 4 hours lectures, exhibitions and guided tours took place at eight different locations in the city center. According to Bertold Brecht’s motto "First comes the eating, then the moral – Where is the ethics in the economy?” Managing Director Waldemar Hötte and the academic director of the Doctoral College Dr. Lisa Schmalzried offered insights into the diverse work of the WCGE and its scientific concept. Around 8 pm, the Science Day came to an end in the old university - and a concert was put on in the castle church by members of the Academic Orchestra of the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg.

The network "Science in Wittenberg" includes the following institutions: the Agrochemical Institute Piesteritz, the Cranach Foundation Wittenberg, the Circle of Friends Julius Riemer Collection, the futurea Science Center, the House of History, the Institute for University Research, the Leucorea, the Paul Gerhard Diakonie, the Reformation History Research Library, SKW Stickstoffwerke Piesteritz, TESVOLT GmbH, the Christian Art Foundation Wittenberg, the Luther Memorials Foundation in Saxony-Anhalt and the Wittenberg Center for Global Ethics.