Ethics in times of crisis - the WZGE in virtual mode

Right now pragmatic orientations for correct action are required. That is why we have adjusted our offers.

Actually it is said that in times of crisis you have to move closer together. In times of Covid19, the demand for “social distancing” at first glance conveys the opposite. In fact, it's only about avoiding physical closeness. Without a doubt, the crisis would not be manageable without social cooperation. So we have to move closer together “virtually” and find other ways of cooperation. Because: Right now we need pragmatic orientations for dealing with impositions and dilemmas that arise in the wake of the crisis. At the WZGE we have prepared ourselves as follows:

  • We publish regular viewpoints on current challenges in the context of Covid 19
  • We have switched our workshops and seminars to digital formats for the time being and have invested in technologies and skills: From presentation to moderated discussion and co-working, we can also offer our services virtually. We can already look back on two successful formats for the “Ethical Compass for Good Leadership” with 15 experts from Allianz to VNG. Further workshops are in preparation.
  • In the doctoral program, jour fixes, colloquia and practical projects also continue on a virtual basis. Ingrid Hamm, founder of the Global Perspectives Initiative, and Antje von Broock, federal managing director of Friends of the earth Germany (BUND e.V.), were already in the chat.

The crisis certainly also offers an opportunity to discover new and relieving opportunities through the use of digital technologies. Nevertheless, they will never replace personal encounters. Therefore we hope to see you again soon. Stay healthy!