How to change the world as an entrepreneur

At July 5, 2018, the book “Die Weltveränderer” of Katharina de Biasi, alumna of the doctoral program “Ethics and Responsible Leadership in Business” was published.

A speech of Heinz Dürr at the autumn academy 2016 about the topic „Corporate responsibility and leadership responsibility” inspired Katharina de Biasi to start a discussion with Heinz Dürr, a successful entrepreneur of the generation rebuilding, and Daniel Kraus, co-founder of FlixBus and an entrepreneur of the new economy, whilst writing her dissertation thesis. They discussed current entrepreneurial challenges between the poles of ethics and success. For instance, they broached the issue of how important ethics and morality are for young entrepreneurs as maxims of their entrepreneurial acting, of how business will work in a globalized world in the future, and of which features make of a good company founder today. Last but not least, they asked what the generation Y can learn from an old hand. The book “Die Weltveränderer: Generation Y zwischen Erfolg und Ethik”, published by Langen-Müller Verlag, resulted from this discussion: