The German mission statement – an inspiration for the Mexican economy?

On March 6, 2018 decision-makers from Mexico developed guidelines for responsible business management, moderated by the WCGE.

The representatives of companies, associations, universities and administration were guests in Germany in the BDI program "Innovation Partnership Germany - Mexico". The delegation was led by Joachim Elsässer and Luis de la Peña, who are active at the WCGE as well.

After a brief overview of the organization's orientation and program, Dr. Martin von Broock introduced his conception. The starting point was the topic of "trust" as the condition for sustainably successful added value. Using the example of the "Code of Responsible Conduct for Business", he pointed out how companies and their partners can invest together in the trust factor.

Based on this, the workshop participants broke into working groups to develop ideas for a Mexican initiative. They focused on three key questions: Which common values ​​could be used as starting points? Which (critical) topics should the initiative address? With which partners and which steps could such a process be initiated? The result was an independent approach that took up the concepts presented by the WCGE and adapted them to the conditions of Mexico.

The results of these discussions can now be developed locally and taken up by the local networks.