Companies without Managers, the Future?

Daniel Hannemann presented TESVOLT as an organization with agile leadership in course of a jour fixe of the doctoral program.

Daniel Hannemann, founder and managing director of TESVOLT GmbH, visited the doctoral program “Ethics and Responsible Leadership in Business” for a jour fixe. On the one side, he presented his company, founded in 2014. TESVOLT develops and produces intelligent storage batteries. On the other side, he explained what it meant if a company decided to become an agile organization.

Most companies still work with a hierarchical structure. At the top of their hierarchy pyramid stands the CEO, at the bottom employees without leadership responsibility. But especially in complex and growing companies, managers are not those whichare best suited to quickly make well informed decisions. Their time and information processing capacities are too restricted. TESVOLT also became aware of this problem and found the solution in agile leadership. Agile organizations say goodbye to hierarchical structures by dispensing with leadership positions. The company rather subdivides in small, closely linked, and hierarchy free teams. The teams organize themselves autonomously and reach decisions by orientating  towards the company´s goals. All this does not mean that team members cannot lead projects, but they become leaders without being officially assigned to a leadership position. The doctoral students raised the questions whether agile leadership suits all companies, company seizes, ownership structures, and kinds of employees. It was also pointed out how difficult it is also for agile leadership to solve ethical problems of business decisions. Mr. Hannemann emphasized the opportunities of agile leadership and stressed that agile leadership also economically pays off. For him, companies without mangers are the companies of tomorrow.